Giving Back and Loving the Arts

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The holiday season at Vendini always brings a focus on giving, but the sentiment of ‘giving back’ to our communities doesn’t end after December 31st. At Vendini, we love the arts year round. For many of us, the performing arts world is where we got our start as dancers, actors, box office managers or backstage. Our combination of experiences in the arts makes all of us passionate about our members, which led us to the creation of a program we call Vendini Loves the Arts (VTLA).

Why We Do It

Since a majority of arts organizations are nonprofits and funding is being cut for many art programs, we know investing in the arts for the benefit of communities is more important than ever. With our product, we set out to make running live events easier for nonprofits in particular, including donation management.  But we also realized we wanted to do more. In 2011, we launched Vendini Loves the Arts, where we make investments to help keep arts organizations running for the benefit of the communities around them.

The Results

Through VLTA, we earmark a percentage of our revenue each year to give back to our nonprofit members. Every registered 501c3 nonprofit member is eligible to participate. In addition to our donation, we also gift discounted admissions for those members to attend our special events that help our members’ professional development. In the past couple of years alone, we have donated nearly $200,000 to 400 organizations – proud milestones for the whole team.

Credit: Joyce Goldschmid, Palo Alto Players, Little Mermaid

What It’s All About

The best benefit of VTLA is the opportunity to hear stories from members about how our donation made a difference in their organizations. Jarrett Donmoyer, the Operations Director at Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts, Inc. recently wrote saying “All contributions to our organization are valuable and make our work possible. It’s even better knowing that our ticketing platform is from a company that also cares deeply about the future of the arts and theater, and gives back to their customers.” Ken Behrmann, Box Office Manager of the Carlsen Center at Johnson County Community College said, “We greatly appreciate business partners like Vendini that invest in the community and cultural life of Johnson County and greater Kansas City. The additional funding Vendini provided will help us bring great artists to JCCC and support arts education overall.”  

Giving back during the holidays is important, but when you’re passionate about your members and the work you’re doing, it doesn’t stop there. Vendini Loves the Arts gives us the opportunity to show love to our members and support a community which has given us all so much year-round.