Vendini hits $2 billion in ticket sales

Vendini Hits Major Milestone, $2 Billion in Ticket Sales

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Thirteen years after Vendini’s founding, we hit $1 billion in gross tickets sales. Now, a year later, we have doubled that to $2 billion. Our success is based on our members’ success. And this major milestone demonstrates clearly that we’ve been able to deliver on the promises we’ve made to our members.

Since day one, we’ve been focused on delivering a product that makes it simple to build relationships between members and their patrons, with the goal of selling more tickets.

Vendini has filled a gap in the ticketing industry for underserved mid-sized venues. And we’ve expanded into new verticals. With our recent acquisitions, we have extended our clientele to purveyors of live music events, festivals, electronic dance music and comedy venues. Our all-in-one solution includes hardware and consumable pieces, such as scanners and RFID wristbands, along with software and services that offer Vendini members a solution that is robust enough to meet all of their needs while still being light-switch simple.

With recent acquisitions and our first round of venture funding, we’ve assembled all the software, services and hardware that our members need for ticketing, fundraising, subscription sales, logistics, marketing and patron management. We’ve invested in our platform. We’ve brought aboard some of the best design and programming talent available. We’ve added folks with deep industry knowledge and a passion for live entertainment events.

Vendini has brought hundreds of new venues in the past year onboard. We’ve gained 41 members in the university segment alone and Vendini has added many new members, including: This is Blueprint, Cumberland County Playhouse and Atlantic Film Festival — a festival that annually turns Halifax, Nova Scotia into an international mecca for the celebration of film and the arts.

We’re passionate about simplifying the business of live events, forging closer relationships with patrons and selling more tickets. That’s why our members trust us, that’s why they stick with us and that’s why they recommend us. It is my belief that as long as we continue to fulfill the promises we made to every venue and event organizer on our platform, we will continue to attract new members to Vendini and hit the $3 billion mark in the very near future.