Venue & Event Management

Solutions for every venue size

In the world of entertainment, venues come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have a 100-seat theatre? An 800-seat performing arts center? A 30,000-seat sports complex? Regardless of your venue size, Vendini has you covered with our venue management solutions.

Experience a seamless onsale

We can handle your onsale and ensure your patrons get their tickets during peak demand times. Vendini’s virtual waiting room feature lets patrons know their number in line while ensuring a fair ticketing process is supported. Patrons can even queue early to get good seats.

Event setup made easy

Vendini makes the setup of your event quick and painless. Create an event, add dates & times, set pricing and start selling tickets in minutes. You can make changes at any time, even if ticket sales have begun.

Custom venue maps to match your theater

As part of the Vendini setup process, we’ll work with you and your staff to build a customized venue map that meets your specific requirements, with multiple configurations if needed.

Price tickets for every budget

Don’t let your venue map restrict your pricing strategy. We give you the flexibility to set multiple price tiers, allowing you to generate more revenue with higher ticket prices or create urgency with lower priced tickets for pre-sales or early bird offers.

Ensure your most valued patrons get a seat

Hold seats for GA or reserved events. Guarantee your top donors, back of the house and sponsors get in. Release your holds as your event gets closer to make sure your house is always full.

Whatever the size of your venue, let Vendini empower you to manage more easily and effectively with our live event management solutions and software.