Ticket Selling Software

Life is easier with the right theatre box office software.

Start with Vendini’s TicketAgent® ticketing software, a comprehensive, integrated and robust suite of management solutions that helps to power and promote music, art, dance, film, comedy and theatre performances and festivals like no other. We help you manage all the ticketing and logistics that could get in the way of your performers and audience having a memorable experience that brings them back again and again.

TicketAgent helps arts teams to sell online and at the counter and even on the floor – more tickets, faster, with far fewer complications and headaches for your workers or volunteers and far more satisfaction for your patrons and guests.

Support theatre box office software with Vendini’s Website Manager, our mobile-first marketing system that lets you build a branded, energetic and great-looking responsive website to sell tickets. You won’t only sell tickets, but you can promote all your events via the Internet, email and direct mail, and the social media giant Facebook.

But wait, there’s more. Or, as William Shakespeare would say more eloquently, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy.”

Vendini’s philosophy is, in a nutshell, to simplify the business of selling live events through our theatre box office software. That simplification process involves much more than just marketing awareness and the actual sale of tickets. We also help event and festival planners with key areas of impact such as patron management and logistics management for entire festivals!

Vendini’s Patron Connect is an app for the iOS operating system used for Apple hand-held technologies, such as smart phones and tablet computers. Downloadable from iTunes, Patron Connect is a mobile tool that helps development directors to engage, manage and cultivate patrons — very necessary tasks given the often razor-thin profit margins in today’s arts programming. Considering the fundamental importance of patrons in their support both financial and time-wise for your cultural programming, letting your patrons and VIPs know that you appreciate them – and showing them special care and attention – is tantamount to longevity and sustainability for your live events.

Using Patron Connect, you or your development team can use a high-touch approach when relating to your patrons. You can view their picture, ticket-buying history, household information, culture preferences, even their record of emails and phone calls and in-person visits.

As your events become more successful – that means more sales and more attendees — it becomes harder and harder to manage with your memory the important details that delight your VIPs. Patron Connect gives you instant familiarity with these valuable supporters no matter how large that group grows as the years go by.

In support of Vendini’s theatre box office software, Patron Connect can inform you when VIPs arrive at your event so you can touch base with them, and provides metrics and stats so you can see the big picture of patrons who are the highest donors and top buyers — valuable information for cultivating deeper relationships. Perhaps best of all, Patron Connect’s mobile nature frees you from desk-bound work so that you can engage naturally throughout the day as you go about your other important duties. Your visibility is a valuable tool for your business too!

Vendini also contributes to the management of entire festivals through the efficacy of our Logistics Manager solution. You can manage the artists, vendors, sponsors, caterers, and even the parking logistics through this fast and super-connected support tool to our theatre box office software. Imagine tracking hotel accommodations and travel itineraries for your guests and performers! Realize the ability to manage food spending for meals for groups and individuals at a granular level. And with real-time reporting you can stay within budget in this tricky financial area that can bleed you dry! You can even access past artist offers and riders for quick decision-making as you manage current artist offers for the live event!

Conveniently, Vendini’s management solution for your events and festivals allows you to share information with your staff so that everyone is on the same page and no uncomfortable mishaps occur. The secure, permission-based Logistics Manager even allows you to assign tasks to specific staff, promoting excellent service in all corners of your event — all while giving you a sense of control and comfort that everything is being handled and all is running well.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the event too? As Shakespeare once wrote, “Make use of time, let not advantage slip.” With Vendini’s theatre box office software and our comprehensive offerings for logistics and patron management, you and your event will run better every time … better for your artists and performers, your patrons, your audience, your board of directors, for everyone!