Theatre Box Office Software

From bleachers and balconies to purveyors of culture everywhere, you need the best way to sell tickets and manage your live event business.

Whether you’re a university that’s programming dance and theater, a music venue shuffling between EDM and Jazz, a festival that leverages nature as a backdrop, or a non-profit theatre looking to expand your audience, your organization and mission can benefit from the comprehensive ticket selling software we’ve been honing for the past 15 years. And boy, do we ever mean COMPREHENSIVE.

We designed our all-in-one system specifically to help performing arts, festivals, live music and other venues easily promote events, take donations and leverage mobile ticketing and customer insights to deepen experiences with their audiences. Consider just some of the advantages that Vendini offers.

We help your busy institution or event to sell tickets. That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Regardless of what type of music or art or film or speaker or event you’re involved with, you want a packed house, and a packed house each and every night if possible.

We maximize your event’s potential by minimizing the headaches previously involved with ticket sales, and marketing those sales. Vendini TicketAgent® ticket selling software empowers and assists your staff in selling tickets, ticket packages, memberships, and even donations. TicketAgent works online, works at the sales counter, even works at the door and on the floor via an Apple iOS app your workers can download for free on iTunes. Yes, that’s right – your team can sell tickets on the floor with hand-held devices and even show customers their potential seating options via a graphic schematic of your venue.

Because TicketAgent, our ticket selling software, is cloud-based, any number of your volunteers or employees can use it at the same time too, with your controls in-place, of course. Your staff connects, shares information and processes orders from the same database, which is continually updated to avoid ticketing snafus and also securely backed up at all times.

TicketAgent even helps you with the often-unwieldy task of processing credit cards, via secure online credit card options you establish. Vendini is in strict compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (also known by its blissfully short acronym PCI DSS) and that we are Level 1 PCI certified. Your audience’s information is safe with TicketAgent.

If all this technological wonder sounds complicated and perhaps even intimidating, we should let you know that the learning curve for using Vendini’s ticket selling software is a gentle arch just about anyone can grasp quickly and effectively. An event that features a rotating staff of newbies is no problem whatsoever with Vendini. We even offer online support both content and video-based to help train your ticket sales staff for you.

Yes, we did mention marketing. With the advent of the Internet and social media, there’s a lot more going on today with marketing than ever in the past, and the great news for arts promoters is, much of that marketing can be free and can happen 24/7.

The Vendini Website Manager allows you to create and manage a mobile responsive website – one that reflects your brand and conveys all the cool and charisma of your cultural persona while looking great and functioning well on PCs, tablets, laptops and hand-held smart phones. And with current sales of tickets now happening at about 40% on mobile devices, you definitely want your website to be responsive to mobile technologies!

Updating your ticket-selling website with our content management system means that no coding or web design experience is necessary. How about that – add webmaster to your list of accomplishments at the end of the day. Vendini even offers built-in SEO features so that web search engines can find you and inform their users of your event’s existence.

The marketing aspect of our ticket selling software doesn’t end with a website, however. Our integrated system collects information from your audience and buyers, which can then be leveraged for email messages and direct mail pieces you can easily send to prospective attendees – a great tool for informing past audiences of future performances they might not want to miss. And for you non-profits, this becomes an excellent way to cultivate donors.

Our social media tools work on many levels. With Facebook, for example, Vendini enables you to automatically publish your upcoming performance/event to Facebook as soon as the event is created on your website. Your patrons can even share with their Facebook friends once they have purchased a ticket, which encourages others to come along and join the fun. And we provide metrics for all this social activity, so that you’re aware of who’s buying due to Facebook, how much selling is happening thanks to Facebook, and who’s helping to promote you on Facebook so that you can thank them. And turn them into Super Fans. Quid pro quo never worked so easily!

At Vendini, we love live entertainment and the arts as much as you do. We’ve spent the last 15 years learning from all of you and your patrons. We love getting to know new folks who share our passion.

Call us today 1-800-901-7173. Don’t like phones? Email us instead.