Packages & Consignments

Ticket Packages

Increase revenue with season tickets and subscriptions

Combine your events into customized packages. Advertise a package of six events with a special discount to those who purchase all six. Or, to those purchasing at least three of the six. You can pre-select event dates, or patrons can select their own event dates.

Whatever your plan, our system will let you do it. Plus, it’s the only ticket-packaging capability out there that allows you to mix and match venues and venue configurations. Get creative with your marketing and sell more tickets!


Keep patrons coming back

Vendini lets you easily renew season packages by linking new packages with a prior season’s packages, saving patron data and seat ownership. Easily import historical seat ownership information and purchase history, send out email notifications from within the software and promote packages on your responsive Vendini website to maximize revenue … and loyalty.


Remote outlets never had it this good

Do you sell tickets through remote ticket outlets? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

With Consignment Manager you can manage all of your consignees in one place. Change contact information, adjust buy rate or commission schedules, and track sales history.

Most importantly, invoice your consignees for any balance due. Make your accounts-receivable department happy! Vendini’s box office ticketing software allows you to wear many hats and handle every scenario your live venue encounters.