Online Ticketing Service

The smell of greasepaint, the sounds of the orchestra as they tune their strings, the checking of microphones, the ushering of attendees to their reserved seats, the roar of the crowd when the band comes on stage … so much goes on directly before your live event, and then the show is off and running to the delight of everyone involved — especially your viewing audience!

But like the tip of an iceberg that barely breaches the surface while the majority of its mass lies hidden beneath the waves, so much more has happened before your festival or theater or concert or live comedy or art performance event has started — invisible events your audience and performers will likely never know.

Promotions and marketing, ticket sales system, fundraising, staffing and catering management, billing and accounting administration — the framework and foundations of experiential live culture that must be executed successfully in order for the show to go on. Vendini’s online ticketing service helps to make all these logistics run as smoothly as clockwork.

The Italian writer Castiglione coined a word in the early 16th century that helps to explain the goal of Vendini: Sprezzatura — “an easy facility in accomplishing difficult actions.” Our goal is to make your events absolutely delightful and flawless, and to make you as the event manager or director look as good as the rock star who’s performing right now on your stage. Our suite of event management solutions, including online ticketing sales and promotional and mobile-friendly websites, can do just that, every time.

“Easy to set up, clear and concise screens, easy to use and to train new staff, feature-rich and affordable. Very good, usually fast responses from customer service.” Ticket Office Manager

Our goal at Vendini since our inception more than 15 years ago has always been to simplify the business of box office management so that the business of live theater, music and art can take center stage. The arrival and rapid popularization of the Internet and hand-held technologies like smart phones and tablet computers has helped us to advance that goal by light years, much to the delight of our customers — and their patrons and guests!

We’ve helped to reduce the headaches and tensions of promoting, selling and managing live events and facilitated the increase in satisfaction of event audiences who experience consummate customer service on top of great cultural programming. Vendini has also helped to strengthen the “bottom line” of festivals and theaters by adding fundraising and patron management tools to our online ticketing service and our robust collection of solutions.

Leaving no stone unturned, we even help to manage food costs, access issues and parking requests for the various individuals involved with festivals or events through our powerful Logistics Manager solution. With Vendini’s online ticketing service and more, a staff of three is now a staff of seven!

Featuring an impressive array of box office and events management tools, Vendini has your event or festival covered in these key areas:

  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Box Office Management
  • Concessions Management
  • Customer Database
  • Event Management
  • Fundraising Management
  • General Admission
  • Kiosk Ticketing
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Online Ticketing
  • Onsite Ticketing
  • POS
  • Print-at-Home
  • Reserved Seating
  • Season Tickets
  • Ticket Brokering
  • VIP & Discount Tickets

According to one Box Office Manager, “We’ve been using Vendini since June 2011. One of the major reasons we switched ticketing providers was for ease of use. Our box office is staffed by a rotating group of students who need to be trained in a relatively short period of time. Vendini’s POS TicketAgent is pretty self-explanatory and my students are able to pick it up almost immediately. On the backend, building events the way we need them is a breeze and it almost seems like the reporting capabilities are limitless. It really makes my job easier by improving the flow of information to our marketing team and development office. As far as peripherals are concerned, Vendini is really ‘with it’ in terms of functionality and integration. Our box office was able to upgrade to cash draws that electronically integrate with the POS and we added iPads & iPods so that we could offer print-at-home and mobile tickets. The apps developed to work with these devices are really cool and really easy to use. We get compliments from our customers all the time when we scan their ticket on an iPod or sell them tickets on an iPad. I feel really confident knowing that they continue to program new tools and update existing ones to help make event ticketing simpler…”

Using Vendini, you can control your own box office ticket sales and sell tickets and ticket packages directly from your website — a site powered by Vendini for you. It’s your own online ticketing service branded to reflect your theater or festival, so that you can sell tickets anywhere your customers are. And at any time of the day or night.

With Vendini, you can promote and grow your arts business with fully integrated direct marketing strategies, including HTML email, mobile-ready websites, mailing labels for direct mail adverts and requests, print-at-home advertising and even social media promotions — a ubiquitous presence online these days that must be tapped into for success.

Collaborating with Vendini, you can engage and cultivate patrons to form long-lasting relationships thanks to our rich patron profiles and management features. Receive alerts when VIPs arrive. Assign tags and then segment your patron data in any way that you desire with our flexible software.

Empowered by Vendini, you can facilitate and optimize your fundraising efforts —managing campaigns and cultivating your donor relationships with simple controls over web donations, planned giving, tip-style donations and pledges.

“The built-in consignment manager and email marketing components are features that other systems do not currently have. The packages and shopping cart features are what we use the most and Vendini’s team is very receptive to user ideas and feedback on how to improve the system.”Director of Ticketing & Group Sales

When you’re looking for an online ticketing service that’s simply so much more than just a single solution, join with Vendini and let the sprezzatura commence for you, your team, your theater or event, and your patrons and guests. You won’t regret it, ever. Contact us here to learn more today.