Group Ticket Sales

Sell to large groups with invoicing

Group sales departments are often overlooked by ticketing providers. Not with Vendini. We’ve built a super-charged platform for handling large ticket orders and managing multiple payments over time. Our invoicing system comes complete with accounts receivable management, open-ended order adjustments, and batch printing.

Create invoices fast by taking down payments, setting a balance due date, and quickly applying an amount for first payment.

Want to add or remove tickets from an invoice without a big to-do? Vendini allows staff to make adjustments to invoices at any time.

Track and Report

Nothing saves time like a system that works for you. We’ll keep track of every invoice and let you know when an action needs to be taken.

You’ll get alerted when deposits or balances are coming due or are past due. The system streamlines your work for you so you can focus on other important tasks.

As an added benefit, administrators can control who sees which invoices by setting group sales permissions appropriately.

Get cash quickly with Invoices

Invoices can be viewed, emailed, or printed and mailed to group buyers with a few simple clicks.

We even allow group sales staff to find out the exact moment a patron views their invoice. No more “I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet” thanks to our comprehensive ticket sales software.

The system allows for refunds and cancellations on invoices. And, if you need to transfer an invoice to a different patron, no problem. The system is highly flexible.