FAQ For Ticket Buyers


Why do I see “Vendini” on my credit card statement?

Thousands of organizations across the United States and Canada use us to process their credit card sales. So if you bought tickets from one of our member organizations - possibly a theater, school, live music venue, tour, etc. - you’ll see our name rather than theirs on your credit card statement.

Can I log in to your site to view my tickets?

No. Vendini doesn’t require that you create an account to buy tickets from any of our member organizations. The Member Login area is for our members, who use our software to sell tickets.

I never received my tickets. What now?

Immediately after completing your ticket purchase, you should have received a confirmation email with the details of your order and contact information for the organization from which you bought the tickets. If you didn't receive that email, please first check your spam folder. If you did not receive the email, or you'd like another copy, please reach out to the venue for which you purchased the ticket.

What is Walletini?

Walletini is our mobile app that you can use to find local events, store your tickets, and transfer tickets to your friends.

I can't print my tickets. What now?

Make sure that you selected a print-at-home delivery method when you purchased tickets and that your printer is turned on and working properly. If you still can't print your tickets, contact the venue to see if they can change your tickets to will call, so that you can pick them up when you get there.

What if I can't find a ticket?

If you can't find your ticket information, please reach out to the venue where you purchased your tickets.

Can I email you my credit card information?

No. Many people feel safe sending credit card information in an email because they assume it's private. Unfortunately, any information included in an email is not secure, as it travels over the Internet on normal (unsecured) channels. For your safety, Vendini and our members only take orders via our secure online ordering system.

How are cancellations, postponements, and artist or venue changes handled?

Occasionally events are cancelled by the promoter, artist, team, band, or venue. If you've already purchased your tickets online, you could potentially receive a refund for that event. All decisions are handled by the venue.

Is your website secure?

Yes, our secure server software (SSL) is among the best software available today for ensuring secure transactions.

What if I need more specific information about the show?

We recommend calling the venue for information specific to the show or event. That includes the following types of questions:

  • What time do doors open?
  • What are the age requirements and restrictions at a particular venue?

I've still got a question. How can I contact you?

We recommend that you reach out to the venue for which you’d purchased a ticket for the most up-do-date information on your event or show.