Festival Ticketing

Make it simple & speedy for your fans to purchase tickets
“Vendini is very easy to use. It’s quick, efficient and cool.”John Nugent, Producer and Artistic Director, Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

Sell tickets anywhere

View and buy tickets from any device — phones, tablets, Macs and PCs. Solidify your GA, VIP or reserve seats straight from Facebook.

Festival RFID check-in

Flawless onsale

We can process more tickets than you can fathom per minute during peak demand times. Let fans purchase tickets and festival packages without delay. Our patron support team is available via phone and email to resolve any ticketing challenges.

Save time with our festival ticketing solution

Within a few simple steps, fan can purchase their tickets and get on with their life. Enjoy a hassle free ticketing process. No need to log in or remember another password.

Track tickets

Track sales and revenue with 100+ reports. Know where you stack up against sales goals and make better marketing decisions moving forward.