Festival RFID

Effectively manage your festival & enhance your fans’ experience.
“RFID gives [our fans] easy access in and out of the festival. And by registering wristbands online, we can replace lost or stolen wristbands.”Leah Ross, Executive Director of Birthplace of Country Music

Ensure your festival runs smoothly

Expedite the entry process and make it hassle free for fans to move about your site. Grant artists, staff and volunteers the correct level of access. Our on-site support team sets up required equipment and provides ongoing technical assistance, ensuring the execution of your event is flawless.

Festival RFID in action

Capture powerful fan data

Gain a new level of insight through RFID wristband registration. Track your fan’s behavior and ensure you know all those coming through the gates so you can intelligently segment your fan-base and drive sales.

Keep your festival top of mind

Make it simple for festivalgoers to share their experiences and endorse sponsors through social media. Let fans check-in, update their status and post pictures with a wave of their wrist.