Festival Marketing

Effectively engage with your fans & drive traffic to your website
“With Vendini we’re able to [create] a positive concert experience and [deliver] a positive result on the business side.”John Nugent, Producer and Artistic Director, CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival

Convert more fans

Knowledge is power. Send the right message at the right time to your fans using past purchases, social media interactions and festival site behavior.

Festival ferris wheel

Sell out your festival with social

Let fans sync their RFID band with various social networks. Fans can post, like, update their status with a wave of their wristband. Keep your festival top of mind and grow your festival community.

Master your website

Benefit from a fully responsive and professional website. Take control and drive brand consistency with our website design tools. No coding or HTML experience needed.

Real-time measurements

Track the success of your marketing efforts by measuring email open rates, coupon usage and survey results. Track where your sales are coming from and become a more strategic marketer.