Vendini Guide to Gift Cards

Your Vendini Guide to Gift Cards

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Gift cards are a great way to reach new patrons, impact your bottom line and boost your brand. If you’re interested in learning more about Vendini and selling gift cards with us, drop us a line at or 1(800)901-7173 Option 1.

Learn how to manage fan and Superfan data for concerts and other shows at your venues

Mystery Data, The Revenue You’ll Never Know You Lost

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Music venue owners are faced with the constant challenge of selling out shows. For many, when a show is selling slowly there’s a temptation to unload inventory through third-party ticket discounters. Can these companies help you sell a few more tickets? Sure, but it comes …

Mobile Ticket Buying get ready for lift-off resource thumbnail

Mobile Ticket Buying: Get Ready for Lift-off

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This infographic illustrates mobile user behavior while researching and making a ticket purchase. We looked at external data sources and examined mobile usage data from the Vendini platform to provide insights you can use to better understand the mobile buying journey and optimize your mobile …

Vendini Multigenerational Guide resource

How to Draw New Audiences from 5+ Generations to Your Theatre

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If you’re currently only targeting one or two generations, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase ticket sales for your events. Engaging multiple generations opens the doors for your venue to build relationships with new patrons and create experiences that will leave a …

Ticketing Price Optimization

Event Ticketing Price Optimization

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Do you have a well thought-out pricing strategy to help drive ticket sales and get butts into seats? Event pricing optimization for tickets can sound like a daunting undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many simple steps reserved seating venues can take …

Definitive Guide to Buying Ticketing Software

The Definitive Guide to Buying Ticketing Software

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Whether it is a brand new venue making the decision for the first time, or a 100 year old theater shopping around for a new system, choosing a ticketing software provider is an important and critical step for each and every live event venue out …

Social Media Best Practices for Performing Arts

Social Media Best Practices for Performing Arts Venues

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The patron experience with your shows extend before and after the curtain opens at your venue — on social media. Posting info about your shows is a start, but how can you meaningfully engage your patrons to help drive loyalty and sales? This Social Media Best Practices …

Social Media Best Practices for Live Music

Social Media Best Practices for Live Music Venues

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There’s no denying it: social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the live music space. Social is the #1 source for referral traffic to websites, even beating out search. Your live music experiences are born, live and die on social …