Why Your Events Need Better Branding Website Content

Why Your Events Need Better Branding

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30-minute webinar You’ve branded your venue or company, but have you thought about the branding of your actual events? The patron experience starts before they click purchase and continues past the show date. This webinar presents ideas for communicating your events’ brand story from start …

Throwing Kick-ass Festivals Vendini webinar thumbnail

Top 5 Tips for Throwing A Kick-Ass Festival

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30-minute webinar Are you planning to start a new festival or are you looking to double your fan attendance year after year? How’s your attendee data? Are your logistics set-up to run smoothly before, during and after the event to capitalize on your brand? If …

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Venue More Accessible webinar thumbnail

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Venue More Accessible

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30-minute webinar Is your venue easily accessible and ADA compliant to those that may need special accommodations to attend a performance or a season? Many performance venues are working to make more accessible environments for their diverse audiences’ needs—and increasing their patronage in the process. …

Smooth Operator Box Office Best Practices webinar thumbnail

Smooth Operator: Box Office Best Practices

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30-minute webinar Your patron’s experience with the box office on opening night is just as crucial to a successful run as the show itself. Without smooth operations in place, you can lose returning patrons and fans and, worst of all, revenue. Working in both front …

Retain Your Best Workforce webinar resource thumbnail

Retain Your Best Volunteer Workforce

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30-minute webinar Volunteers and seasonal staff aren’t just free or temporary help. They’re ambassadors for your organization and often your most passionate brand advocates. Join Vendini’s own Blake Bryant to learn strategies for attracting (and retaining) the best volunteers and seasonal staff all year round. …

Grow Your Audience with social promotion webinar

Grow Your Audience

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30-minute webinar With all the channels available to reach your patrons and fans, it can feel overwhelming to decide where to focus your energy to promote events and boost your audience base. Growing your audience through marketing and social media strategies takes planning, creativity and …

Making Money Beyond Ticket Sales thumbnail

Making Money Beyond Ticket Sales

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30-minute webinar If your only sources of revenue are from ticket sales and donations, you’re leaving money on the table. Learn how other live event organizations are finding new and creative ways to improve their bottom line through things like gift cards, crowdfunding, special event …

Webinar resource thumbnail engaging modern ticket buyers

Engaging Modern Day Ticket Buyers

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In the past, marketing live performances was more of an art than a science. But in today’s world, we now have the tools and data to help you flip that equation around. Join Vendini’s Product Marketing Manager Kathryn Hunt as she shares her research on …

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Festival Logistics: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

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30-minute webinar Logistics are more important than festival organizers might imagine. What producers need to know is that a poor experience with operations and logistics can completely negate all of the positive experiences fans have at a show. Learn to master your logistics and you’ll …

Data your secret weapon to selling out shows

Data: Your Secret Weapon For Selling Out Shows

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30-minute webinar The truth is that nobody goes into the music business because they love data. But the most successful venues these days are using fan data to market shows more effectively—and at a lower cost—than ever before. Are you? If you’re still relying on …