Patron Management

Form deep and lasting relationships with every patron and fan

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A complete view of each patron

There are many, many tech companies out there who can provide a platform to sell tickets, but Vendini allows venues and organizations to engage with patrons, foster loyalty and cultivate giving by providing tools to initiate, manage and track every patron interaction.

An integrated part of the Vendini solution, the patron relationship management feature provides a comprehensive view of each patron’s purchase history including ticket transactions, memberships, gift cards, season tickets, donations and activities. Box office staff, development teams and executive or managing directors will be more aligned in their ability to cultivate loyalty and inspire giving with a 360 view of all patrons.

Facilitate communication and collaboration across teams

Patron information is easy to find, sort, edit and leverage so teams within your organization can be more aligned in their efforts. Patrons can be tagged and grouped to streamline communications and patron contributions and participation can be automatically acknowledged through integrated email tools. Patrons can also be assigned to a specific team member to assure they are receiving special care and attention.

Vendini patron activity
The box office, development, artistic and executive teams can make smart decisions about engagement activities, programming, operations, when to send out donation requests and which patrons are ready for deeper involvement within the organization. Teams can share knowledge about patrons and assign each other patron activities in order to ensure a coordinated approach to engagement and cultivation.

Make your patrons feel loved

Providing easy and meaningful ways for patrons to interact with their favorite venues and organizations before, during and after a performance builds communication and loyalty. An open door for sharing feedback and having quality interactions with box office, development and marketing teams connects patrons and fans to the organizations they love. Patrons will enjoy being greeted by name and getting to know those who make events happen. With the ability to have notes added to their patron profiles, needs and personal preferences can be met. Patrons benefit from an organization who can structure communication and acknowledgements between departments ensure patrons are neither ignored or overly solicited.

Vendini patron profile transactions