Custom Patron Reports

Find Out Who’s Who

With Vendini’s Custom Patron Reports feature, you can take a deep look into your patron database to view patrons based on types of purchases, amount spent, zip codes, and tons of other combinations. For instance, you may be interested in seeing patrons who attended more than 3 events in the past year who also spent over $100. We’ve made it easy to generate targeted patron lists in seconds.

Combine filters for added insight

We mean it when we say our report options are endless. Search for patrons based on profile attributes, buying patterns, purchase history, recent activity, and more. We call these “Filters,” and we let you combine multiple filters so you can narrow things down to the very last detail.

The system offers the ability to preview your look-up so you can see what you’re catching in your net. If you like the results, you can save the report so it can be used later — even by other parts of the system. For example, you may want to print mailing labels or send email marketing campaigns to patrons in these reports.

Send email to tightly segmented patron lists

Because Vendini’s email marketing system is built right in, there is no need to import and export data from different systems in order to send your email blasts.

Perhaps you’ve created a Custom Patron Report that contains patrons who are VIP’s within 5 miles of your location. With a few clicks, you can send a custom HTML message directly to that list.

Or maybe you want to schedule a “welcome” email campaign on the 15th of every month to introduce yourself to first time buyers. The Custom Patron Reports feature offers an amazing amount of flexibility that will extend your marketing reach and effectiveness.