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Patron Connect is a mobile app that helps you engage, manage and cultivate your patrons.

Cultivate your patrons

See a patron’s transactional history, household information, preferences and history of phone calls, emails and in-person visits so you can form deeper bonds and provide better services. When it comes to appeals, you’ll have a in-depth knowledge about patrons to tailor your outreach.

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Heighten loyalty

Form lasting impressions by employing a high touch approach to patrons, fueled by information from your Patron Connect app. Get alerts when VIPs arrive, see auto generated patron manifests for each performance, glimpse profile pictures and more.

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Increase efficiency

Patron Connect moves beyond the typical piles of data found in a CRM system to provide the most essential pieces of information during those busy show days. It moves with you, freeing you from the desktop while letting you transact naturally during the course of conversation.

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Track and analyze

Vendini intelligently aggregates all of the patrons who have purchased from you, allowing you to search by highest donor, top buyers, or search by name. Dashboards give you at-a-glance summaries such as aggregated spending for the past year. Assign tasks, take notes or add a patron’s friends into your database to continually enrich it.

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“Vendini Patron Connect will save us time, allow us to be more strategic in our communications and help us forge deeper bonds with our VIP patron base.”LEAH AMMON, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, MONTALVO ARTS CENTER, SARATOGA, CA
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  • Complete patron purchase and donation history
  • Total household information
  • Embedded task management
  • Patron sorting/grouping
  • Notifications when VIP patrons enter
  • Auto generated patron manifests
  • iOS “anytime, anywhere” access