Member Spotlight: Musical Theater Heritage

Using Styles to Get a Consistent Look

Vendini Marketing, Member Spotlight

Their story

Musical Theater Heritage (MTH) is a professional theater company in Kansas City, Mo., that produces musicals, cabarets, and original revues. They’re growing quickly, from approximately 16,000 patrons a few years ago to more than 40,000 patrons in 2018. The non-profit organization employs seven full-time staff members and, with volunteers, has a workforce of 21.

Their goal

MTH Executive Director Chad Gerlt wanted an easy-to-use tool that matched MTH’s website and offered a more consistent look and feel for their online purchase windows across multiple platforms.

Their solution

Gerlt saw an email announcing the new feature and decided to try it out. He remembers thinking, “Holy cow, this is pretty stupid-simple. Plus, it makes our event pages look more professional.” They’ve already heard from a few patrons, complimenting them on their new look and feel. The feature offers MTH a clean, consistent look across all devices. “We just started with this new layout. But I’m looking at it right now … and it looks gorgeous. It just cleans everything up. It looks really nice and sharp.”


“What’s nice about it is that we can create the colors and everything that match our website a lot easier. The font sizes are better, especially across multiple platforms.” 

– Chad Gerlt, MTH Executive Director