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Member Spotlight: Firehouse Theatre

Leveraging Their Brand to Stand Out from the Crowd

Vendini Marketing, Member Spotlight

Their story

The Firehouse Theatre is a non-profit community theatre in Farmers Branch, Texas, that produces plays, musicals, and children’s programming. The organization’s name comes from its venue: the 161-seat theatre is housed within a historic fire station.

Their goal

With several playhouses in the area, Firehouse is looking for a way to make sure that they stand out from the crowd. This includes a strong brand presence from their website to their social media pages, through to their online ticketing windows. “Having consistency in branding, that’s what it’s all about,” webmaster George Leonard says. “You really have to put yourself in the customer’s perspective of, ‘Is this easy to read?’ ‘Is this easy to understand?’ Does it look like Firehouse?’”

Their solution

Firehouse was an early adopter of TicketLine Styles, and Leonard loves the prominence of the Firehouse logo and the consistency that the feature offers across all devices through the purchase process. “If you’re on a different website all of a sudden, you’re going to see the look and feel.” But now, “Vendini has definitely made it easy enough to customize it to the colors that we want and to even customize the background.”

Going forward, Firehouse will offer the ability to create styles to organizations hosting events at their venue. They can easily integrate another organization’s branding on an event level, and offer this as a selling point to attract more revenue. “I can’t wait to build another style for a special event,” Leonard says. “It feels like we’re building a partnership between the Firehouse Theatre and this company that we’re allowing to host in our theatre. I think they’re really going to be pleasantly surprised at the ease of use of the new TicketLine system and just how convenient and flexible it is to work with what they need to get done.”


“It makes us feel less like we’re Vendini customers and more like we’re Firehouse customers. It’s head-over-heels better when it comes to customizing because you are able to make your logo present and prominent no matter where you are in the process of checking out.”

– George Leonard, Firehouse Theatre