Email & Direct Mail

Promote your events

Vendini’s integrated email lets you send email in a matter of minutes to promote your events, fundraising efforts, or anything else you’d like to share.

Save time

Built-in design tools let you reflect your brand’s unique identity while drag-and-drop functionality lets you add events, donations and memberships with a single click — no need to re-enter images and text.

Use rich patron data

Email addresses are instantly available for you to send marketing messages when patrons make a purchase or are imported from a spreadsheet. We protect consumers by following the Federal CAN-SPAM Act guidelines and opt-outs.

See how you perform

Track open rates, click and conversion rates, along with bounces and opt-outs with Vendini’s Email Marketing Manager. If there’s something to track, you’ll have a report.

Create labels for direct marketing

Whether you’re sending out tax forms, holiday cards or direct mail marketing pieces, Vendini makes it easy to print mailing labels. Every time a visitor joins your mailing list and submits information, Vendini will add them to your patron database. We’ll keep track of who signed-up and any information that was gathered.

Print as you like

You can print to your inkjet or laser printer using standard Avery mailing labels. Stick them on envelopes, postcards, or other mail pieces. Segment as you like – you can even sort by zip code.