Manage Your Festival Logistics

Build a Solution Specific to your Festival

Vendini Logistics Manager simplifies the management of festivals. With Vendini Logistics Manager you gain the control of your festival with tools tailored to your management style.

With our festival management software, you can easily manage artists, vendors, press, sponsors, catering, credentials, parking and more. Share information with staff to dramatically improve the organization of virtually every area of your event. Structure processes for optimal workflow, document management, and communications. From simple project details to large-scale, big-picture systems implementation, your event will run smoother than ever.

Streamline your Talent Management Process

Talent management includes tracking hotel accommodations, travel itineraries, artist riders and requests. Keep all your data in one, easily accessible place for quick look up. A secure, permissions-based system lets you assign staff to tasks, empowering them to deliver outstanding service. The result is more efficient scheduling and the comfort of knowing you’re on top of things.

Vendini Logistics Manager also lets you automate and simplify the management of artist offers. Customize offers and create multiple deal formats with the robust festival management software. You’ll benefit from accessing historical artist offers for review and quick decision making

Customizable Forms on your Event Website

With all the various forms to manage at your festival, staying organized can be a challenge. Vendini Logistics Manager makes it simple to publish vendor and volunteer forms to your event website, letting you capture and review data in real-time. Need your press application submissions streamlined? It’s a quick set-up process to make them available for applicants from your website. Upon submission, your applicants will receive an automated and personalized message from you.

Team members can review all pending applications, deciding whether to approve or deny. When an approval status changes, Vendini Logistics Manager will generate automated notifications, such as sending out an approval email and adding the applicant to a guest list.

Control Access and Reduce Costs

With Vendini Logistics Manager you can accurately capture meal needs at the group and individual level. This enables your team to more precisely project the amount of meals you’ll need each day, and plan for the balance of food between different options, like standard and vegetarian.

Vendini Logistics Manager provides access control at all catering entrances by scanning tickets, staff laminates and wristbands. Achieve granular control down to the meal level and date for individuals and groups. Throughout the event, you’ll have real-time reports to keep costs within budget.

Efficient Management of Credential and Parking Requests

With Vendini Logistics Manager, your team members can submit credential and parking needs for artists, vendors, volunteers, press and any other designated staff. Review processes are then implemented for tracking, approving, and issuing of all requests. Credential and parking capacity reporting is quick and efficient to facilitate decision making.

Swiftly Develop and Customize Reports Based on your Business Needs

There’s no limit to what you can report on at your event. Need to customize your business data? Vendini Logistics Manager lets you edit, review and consolidate your business information. With live report capabilities, you and your team will know immediately what’s going on.

Using a drag-and-drop designer, you can create new reports on the fly to see specific information, choosing the information you want to see, organized your way. Base reports include:

Vendini Logistics Manager offers a flexible security system, letting you compartmentalize information access and updates based on your organizational structure. A simplified user interface allows easy editing on only the relevant fields.

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