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Going LIVE with Vendini Music

Mark Meyerson Music Festivals, News

I was afflicted with a life-long passion for live music and the thrill, danger and magic that can happen in those clubs, halls, fields, parking lots or stadiums when the lights go down. So both personally and professionally I’m humbled and inspired to be taking the helm of what is destined to be one of the most exciting business units within the most innovative company in Ticketing — Vendini.

We formed the new Strategic Business Unit for Live Music within Vendini so we can hyper focus on the Live Music and Festival industries. Venues and promoters within in this world have unique needs, they have to get the right show to the right people at the right time.

As former General Manager of CrowdTorch, which was acquired by Vendini from Cvent in 2015, I understand the current challenges and opportunities within this space intimately because my career has put me on both sides of table. I’ve been the venue and the promoter, responsible ultimately for filling venues and getting butts in seats.

I know a good chunk of you out there, but for those who I haven’t met yet, here is a quick ‘who am I and why the hell am I doing this?’ My executive resume includes household names like the House of Blues — which I helped grow into a national brand, TicketMaster, Musictoday and AEG Live. And while I could have gone in many directions at this point in my career, Vendini’s Founder and CEO Mark Tacchi and I spent a good amount of time together post acquisition assessing opportunities for the company and where the business is going. During those talks, an exciting vision developed for driving the business forward and I was all in.

Mark and I are alike in how we view where the industry is today and where it needs to head next.

“We see that the mid-level market is currently underserved and yet has tremendous potential to pull ahead with the great democratizer that is good technology.”Mark Tacchi

Bringing Vendini’s “light switch simple, feature rich, all-in-one ticketing solution” to live music venues and festivals across North America is going to help them sell more tickets, improve event promotions, gain deeper customer insight, manage fans, and compete with massive arenas. These live music venues and festivals deserve easy-to use marketing solutions, mobile applications, CRM and reporting features that are going to enable them to grow and take better care of their fans.

After spending some 30 years in this industry — I started as a baby — I now get to manage a team of all stars who have risen to the top within Vendini’s core business and our two acquisitions of In Ticketing and CrowdTorch. It’s a technology and relationship business and we have the best of both and want to be your partner — it’s that simple.

We have fun, but we take this business and your business seriously. We are not the flavor of the month — if you’ve been around any length of time you’ve seen ticketing companies come and go — or the type to play fast and loose with your business on a race to cash out for themselves. We’ve been here 15 years, and we’ve built tested and feature rich technology and continue to innovate at an impressive pace. We are a team of industry veterans, as well as smart, young passionate newcomers — and we wake up thinking about how you can be more successful. We’ll give you the ammunition and the support you need to do all the damage you want — and we will love every minute of it. Looking forward to this adventure with you.