Receiving Website Donations

Built-in and ready to go

As the Facebook generation comes of age, more and more donations are happening on the web. Donors expect a simple, easy-to-use interface that provides options and flexibility. With Vendini, you get nothing less.

Once you’ve built your fundraising campaign in the system, it’s as simple as placing a “Donate Now” button on your website.

Flexible Recurring Donations

Vendini brings innovation to the forefront and simplifies your appeals. For example, we’ve made it really easy for a donor to commit or pledge a recurring donation by offering unprecedented flexibility in controlling their donation schedule — even specifying the exact day of the month for their payment. And, as a friendly reminder, the system automatically sends donors a courtesy email just before each payment.

It’s a perfect option for patrons who want to make sure that contributions are made in accordance with their income.

Donors who have control are more likely to give

Vendini’s website donation window gives donors the ability to modify their donation at any time, right from your website. A person who can control how much, when, and the frequency of their donation are more likely to contribute.

Tip Jar Donations

There’s no better time to ask for a donation than when a patron is purchasing tickets to one of your events. Vendini lets you ask for a donation during the patron’s checkout process. Patrons can donate to one or multiple campaigns and in any amount they want. Turn your patrons into donors!