Fundraising Reports

Donation tracking and reporting

With Vendini’s fundraising reports, you’ll always know where your organization stands in relation to its goals. Whether you’re interested in one-time, recurring, ups, downs, hard/soft credits, employee match or just about anything else, you’ll find it all in one place.

Executive level reports show high-level trends to make sure contributions are staying on track. They’re great for alerting you to re-think your strategy or find out if appeals are working.

One place for all the numbers

A key advantage with Vendini is that reporting is simplified, yet doesn’t leave anything out. Each report is well thought-out, so even the newest staff person can get up to speed in short period of time.

Want detailed information? Just drill down on any high-level report for itemized donations or recent activity. At the individual donation level, we provide tools for editing and modifying donations — including “skipping a payment” on a recurring donation. Flexibility exists in every nook and cranny.

Matching gifts made easy

The Vendini system will ease your daily grind. For instance, we’ll keep track of every donation that is eligible for matching funds. As you take action on submitting the request to an employer, we’ll keep track of its status and next steps.

To top things off, the system allows you to keep track a company’s current employer match percentage. If it should change, future donations will reflect the correct amount — avoiding delays in receiving matching funds. We’re always thinking of ways to make things easier.