Donor Analysis

Intelligent Moves Management

With Vendini, you get data rich content to fuel better donor and appeal decisions with our Patron Connect iOS app. See complete purchase and donor history as well as household and family associations. Know how your donor prefers to be addressed, the type of programming they like and historical spending patterns with complete, easily accessible patron profiles.

Get closer to patrons with profiles

Input patron requests and comments to understand patron needs and feedback, with everything tracked in the patron profile. See the complete patron interaction history including phone calls, emails and tasks, You can even create new patron records when you encounter would-be donors or patrons to follow up after an event.

Sort, segment and succeed

Segmentation options are plentiful. Sort by last contact, total household contribution, cumulative ticket sales, star rating, donations and even tags that you can assign to logically categorize donors. We know the right message to the right person at the right time makes all the difference.

Vendini lets you form lasting impressions by employing a high touch approach, fueled by information from your Patron Connect app. Engage, manage and cultivate your donors with Vendini.