From Sports to Performing Arts, Vendini’s Karla Ortiz Shares Her Story

Vendini Employee Spotlight

Vendini’s Karla Ortiz has always been a team player. She played four years of NCAA volleyball at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale on a full athletic scholarship and has since brought her experience on the court to directing the shots in Vendini’s Miami, FL district, where she serves as territory director.

Ortiz’s team leadership skills are evident on and off the court. She was team captain in college both junior and senior year, holds 6 records at NSU, and in the 18 months she has been with Vendini, she has been a key player on the sales team. She isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, and just as her teammates benefited from her dedication to the sport, her clients value her intense dedication to their needs.

Ortiz cites Vendini’s “white-glove service” as a factor that differentiates it from other ticketing services. She relates an experience she had early on in her career at Vendini as an example of just how different the company is from its competitors. “I had a call from a venue. This particular client was one I spoke to last year, and they ended up going with a different ticketing company.” The client called Ortiz on her cell phone on a Friday night and reached her within four minutes. They had been trying to get a hold of someone in the other company for two weeks! The client immediately switched to Vendini.  

Vendini is proud to offer clients and customers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The turnkey ticketing, marketing, fundraising, and patron management solution sets it apart from competitors. Clients can access resources, training, and experts like Ortiz from the moment they conceive of an event until the final patron has left the venue at the close of performance, festival, or other event.

That dedication to customer service is something Ortiz’s clients truly value. She spent ten years as a national director with a different ticketing company, and she was proud to bring clients with her when she came onboard with Vendini.

“My clients are like family to me,” Ortiz says. “After working with them for 10 years, I transitioned them with me. Ninety percent of this job is getting to know your clients, gaining their trust, and ensuring that when they need ticketing for an event, you are the first person they think of.”

Ortiz understands that current and potential clients value honesty in their relationship with Vendini. “You have to be honest,” she explains. “A lot of ticketing companies will tell clients what they want to hear, whether it is true or not.” Ortiz prefers to be upfront with her customers. “I’m honest about what we can and cannot do.” Then, she explains, “I over-service them. I make sure that we guide them through the [entire] process.”

She says clients prefer knowing what they can expect up front. “Having that communication with customers is really important.”

Of all the features Vendini offers clients, Ortiz says, that “our fully integrated email marketing tool is my favorite. Clients love to hear about it and use it for their events. And they love knowing that we have 24/7 support for them and their customers.”

Currently, Vendini provides ticketing and marketing services to many performing arts and theater venues, which differs from Ortiz’s history in ticketing management. Her primary experience before joining Vendini’s ranks was in live music and nightclub event management. She even did a stint with the Miami Dolphins in that company’s season ticket office.

She doesn’t shy away from the challenge of new verticals within the business. Instead, Ortiz is excited that Vendini allows her the opportunity to grow and learn new markets, like those in performing arts. She says the company is also expanding its service to clients in beer and food festivals—another vertical for her to explore and grow. “Miami has a lot of festivals,” she explains. “People love craft beers right now.” She likes having the opportunity to attend a variety of events and create relationships with potential clients.

She enjoyed the energy and competitive edge that working with a sports venue provided. “[That competitive edge] is something I have from playing sports all my life. It comes out in my career.” Just as her teammates appreciated her dedication on the volleyball court, Ortiz’s clients certainly benefit from and appreciate Ortiz’s dedication to client relationships. She knows that Vendini provides the best ticketing, marketing, and customer service management possible, and she wants to make sure her clients get the best—one event at a time.