From International Acts to Vendini, Behind the Scenes with Stéphane McGarry

Vendini Employee Spotlight, Live Music

By now, it’s no secret that Vendini employees have a passion for the arts and the development and innovation of our product. Employees located all over North America have helped us expand and reach new heights. In the past decade, we’ve further established our presence in Canada through strategic acquisitions like Boxxo and Crowdtorch. Stéphane McGarry, who came to Vendini through the Crowdtorch acquisition and was recently promoted to Managing Director for Canada, is tasked with establishing and growing Vendini in Canada. He helps ensure the product meets the needs of clients in the Canadian entertainment industry, whether they are soft-seat theatres, outdoor festivals, concert halls, dance venues or other events. His unique experience in Canada is helping Vendini better understand the market dynamics across the country and deliver the products and services needed by the arts and live entertainment community.

Stéphane, Crowdtorch and Canada
Stéphane’s passion for entertainment and his entrepreneurial spirit have kept him on the cutting edge of the industry as it has been transformed by technology over the past two decades. Before joining Vendini, he started an early ticketing company and was the president of Track Entertainment Canada where he helped produce major Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events. These events were no small feat and featured some of today’s top international DJs in the world, including Tiesto, David Guetta, Avicci and Chainsmokers to name a few. He also helped produce the Canada Day celebrations in the Old Port of Montreal from 2005 to 2007, which attracted more than 60,000 people annually.

But Stéphane’s career also focused on bringing major events and some of the top Canadian acts to smaller venues as well. He produced more than 300 shows in nightclubs and show bars across Canada as vice president of DKD Events, so he understands intimately the concerns and issues facing Vendini’s customers, which include owners and managers of a wide range of venues.

Vendini in Canada
His successes in opening the Canadian entertainment market to US-based innovators continued in 2010 when he led Crowdtorch’s expansion into Canada.

Just five years later, we decided Crowdtorch was the perfect addition to our Vendini family. At a time when the ticketing industry was fragmented, we knew we needed to add to our capabilities in order to grow and adapt to a changing live events landscape, and Crowdtorch helped us do that in the U.S. and Canada.

When we acquired Boxxo in 2018, we become one of the largest ticketing software solution service in Quebec. Working from our new Canadian headquarters in Montreal, Stéphane’s expertise plays a huge role in how we continue to expand our services and product line into the Canadian market.

Stéphane and Vendini
Stéphane’s background and passion help continue to grow the Vendini brand in new and innovative ways. No matter the type of event, Stephane ensures we are in the front seat and behind the curtain of new business in Canada, and his breadth of experience is hard to beat. After all, he’s gone from kicking off the EDM scene, to managing large cultural events and is now expanding a leading ticketing software company globally.

As we grow in Canada and beyond, Stéphane will be front and center, helping our customers bring the best possible experience to patrons across the country. Read more about the Vendini leadership team.