Camp Vendini 2017: Day Two Recap

Vendini Camp Vendini

As the sun sets on Nashville, Camp Vendini 2017 comes to a close. As with all summer camps, the last day can be bittersweet. Sure, we all missed sleeping in our own beds and it’s nice to return to the familiar comforts of home. But the things we learned together, the experiences we shared and the friendships we made have created memories that will last long after summer ends.

Before we break out the hankies and bid a tearful farewell to our fellow campers, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of our second and final day here at Camp Vendini 2017.

Camp Vendini 2017 Cultivating Culture Susan Hollingshead
Our own Chief People Officer Susan Hollingshead sharing the secrets to cultivating culture in an organization
Camp Vendini 2017 Product user testing
Vendini’s Product Team meets with Members to get their feedback on new products currently in development

Camp Vendini 2017 Bluebird Cafe
Jaime Scorby and Rob van Disseldorp from the Bluebird Cafe talk about how Bluebird has managed to grow into becoming an institution (without losing it’s soul)
Camp Vendini 2017 Blackbird Studio and Academy John McBride
John McBride of the Blackbird Academy and Blackbird Studio

Camp Vendini 2017 Michelle Schmidt product talking
Making friends at Camp Vendini.
Camp Vendini 2017 Festival Logistics Karen Shostak Nick Vincent
Karen Shostak (the Riverbend Festival) and Nicholas Vincent (Igloofest) share their tips and tricks on how to execute killer festival logistics

Camp Vendini 2017 Fixing Your Finances Mike Farrow
Vendini’s CFO Mike Farrow helps Members fix their finances

Camp Vendini 2017 Breaking Old Ways of Thinking Robin Goldberg

Robin Goldberg of the Minerva School talks about how breaking old way of thinking can open up new opportunities

Camp Vendini 2017 Closing Remarks Keith Goldberg

Vendini’s Chief Revenue Officer Keith Goldberg bids a fond farewell to Camp Vendini 2017