5 Steps to Engaging Multiple Generations for Live Events and Venues

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Let’s face it. We’re all trying to market to people, and the undeniable truth is that people die. I hate to put it so bluntly, but I got your attention didn’t I?

It’s more difficult now than ever to grab and keep the attention of an audience, especially in the live events industry where new festivals, venues and event organizers are popping up everyday, all vying for the attention of the exact same patrons. And because we’re living longer — some say 70 is the new 50 — that means there are even more generations and the differences between them is growing.

If you’re currently only targeting one or two generations, it’s worth it to consider ways to extend your reach and connect with patrons of varying ages. In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. While multigenerational audiences aren’t a good fit for every live event, organizations that are in a situation where they have tapped out their market and need to extend their reach could do so by expanding beyond their core audience.

In our latest webinar, Heather Meza the VP of Marketing at Vendini describes the varying generations — from the “Traditionalists” to the up-and-coming “Generation Alpha” — and provides a simple 5-step approach anyone can take to attract and engage multigenerational audiences to their live events.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the steps Heather shared with us.

  • Figure out why you want to expand into new generations.
  • Think about how you can engage new audiences while staying true to your brand.
  • Align your content to your audience.

Whether you are trying to expand your audience for a small playhouse, or a large festival this webinar is for you. Ready to learn about more than just Millennials? Watch the 30 minute on-demand webinar “Engaging Multigenerational Audiences” now.

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