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Vendini, acquired in 2019 by AudienceView, is now know as AudienceView Select. Click here to learn more.

Vendini provides dependable and easy-to-use ticketing, marketing, fundraising and patron management solutions to any-sized organization. Everything is in one place. Customers can access the system from anywhere at any time. Plus, it’s an all-inclusive system. Everyone gets access to every feature for one low price. Our unique business model and dedication to excellence allows our company to provide all of this economically.

We take the savings and pass them along. Our customers consistently tell us that they’ve seen an increase in sales, profitability, and overall prosperity. Vendini’s commitment to your success means more than offering the best ticketing system. Our world-class Customer Care Program ensures your day-to-day operations will perform flawlessly. Every Vendini customer gets access to resources, training and specialized experts dedicated to guiding your organization every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to your new system and beyond.

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