Black Friday 2014

Black Friday 2014: Electronics vs. Experiences

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It’s a well-documented phenomenon: rather than buying shiny motorized toys and laying down cash on a mortgage, people are opting for experiences. Ones they can share with others on social media, cherish through pictures and add to their repertoire of personal stories and anecdotes. With …

Brand Establishment

4 Tips For Establishing Your Brand Early On

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Every business, regardless of size, location or industry, has a unique identity – a highly crafted image and persona. But this is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It isn’t some kind of accident, does not happen serendipitously and most definitely takes serious thought and effort. …

Vendini acquires InTicketing

Vendini and In Ticketing Join Forces

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I am extremely excited to announce that Vendini has entered into an agreement to acquire In Ticketing, a pioneer in event ticketing that will allow us to expand our reach further into the live music and festival space. In Ticketing provides top level additions to …

Vendini fantasy football

Lessons from a Fantasy Football Junkie

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The 2014 NFL Football season is quickly approaching, with the first regular season game on September 4. One of the most popular ways that people engage with the NFL season is through Fantasy Football, with an estimated 28 million participants spending 1.2 billion hours playing …