BET Experience ticketing and logistics by Vendini

Behind the Scenes: The BET Experience

Anthony Gordon Member Spotlight, Video

When the BET Awards show first debuted back in 2001, it was an instant success. By the end of the decade, it had become one of the most anticipated cultural events in America. BET decided to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the awards and produce an …

Event companies celebrating LGBTQ Pride

5 Event Companies Celebrating LGBTQ Pride

Jonathan Reynoso Member Spotlight, Music

President Obama stood before the country one June afternoon in 2015. His demeanor was calm, his voice direct. A touch of pride was in his eyes as he announced a landmark victory. The Supreme Court ruled states must allow same-sex marriage nationwide. “Our nation was …

Bridging the Blues

Bridging the Blues

Competing Organizations Work to Save America’s Original Art Form

Katie Rzendzian Member Spotlight, Music Festivals

One of the most significant genres of American music, the blues has woven its way throughout culture since the early 20th century. Its roots run deep with icons like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, James Brown and the Rolling Stones drawing inspiration from the blues. In …

Student engagement at the university box office

Encouraging Student Engagement at the Box Office

A Q&A with Bill Larson, Operations Manager at Washington University's Edison Theatre

Katie Rzendzian Member Spotlight

With a laundry list of university organizations that students are encouraged to join, it can be a challenge to attract and maintain an engaged student base. So, how do you keep students engaged and activated in their roles as university box office staff? Bill Larson, …

4 Effective Fundraising Ideas for High Schools

How Mater Dei High School finances their performing arts programs

Katie Rzendzian Member Spotlight

Bringing in the big bucks to keep your school’s most cherished programs afloat requires a healthy amount of fundraising. Fundraising plays a crucial role in any school’s efforts, particularly for performing arts programs, which are often the first to face budget cuts. Mater Dei High …