Comedians who died on stage

5 Comedians Who (Literally) Died On Stage

Anthony Gordon Comedy, Entertainment

They say that comedy is tragedy that happens to other people. For a few unfortunate performers, however, comedy and tragedy have shared the same stage. Every comedian has had an experience of “dying” on stage at some point, but these five comedians literally died on …

Freakonomics of Fundraising Part Two

The Freakonomics of Fundraising: Part Two

Katie Nix Business Tips, Fundraising

In part one of this story, we uncovered six surprising discoveries about nonprofit fundraising based on a study by the researchers behind “Freakonomics.” Those included California Symphony’s “Once and Done” fundraiser, the power of suggested donation amounts and personalized appeals, and some counterintuitive revelations on …

International Women's Day Playlist

Vendini’s International Women’s Day Playlist

Susan Hollingshead Music

The first Women’s Day dates back to 1909, when over fifteen thousand women in New York marched for equal pay and voting rights. Their bravery gave birth to the holiday we observe every March 8th: International Women’s Day. Today, we reflect on women’s suffrage and …

Freakonomics of Fundraising Part One

The Freakonomics of Fundraising: Part One

Katie Nix Business Tips, Fundraising

Over the past two decades, researchers have begun to take a serious interest in nonprofit fundraising. At the forefront of this research are economists from the University of Chicago, who are conducting field experiments to determine which techniques are most successful. This field research is …

Student engagement at the university box office

Encouraging Student Engagement at the Box Office

A Q&A with Bill Larson, Operations Manager at Washington University's Edison Theatre

Katie Rzendzian Member Spotlight

With a laundry list of university organizations that students are encouraged to join, it can be a challenge to attract and maintain an engaged student base. So, how do you keep students engaged and activated in their roles as university box office staff? Bill Larson, …

11 things you didn't know about the Endowment for the Arts

11 Things You Didn’t Know about the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities

(And Why Both Liberals and Conservatives Should Continue to Support the NEA)

Anthony Gordon Entertainment, News

On January 19, 2017, The Hill reported that the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities would be “eliminated entirely” under plans from incoming President Donald Trump. For many, this report was both shocking and heartbreaking. Because while the agency has faced attacks in the past, …

Live music publicity tips from NYC Publicist Leslie Hermelin

Advice from the Pros: Live Music Publicity 101

Veteran NYC Publicist Leslie Hermelin Shares Her PR Tips for Music Venues

Anthony Gordon Business Tips, Marketing, Music, Public Relations

People working in live music publicity know that the difference between success and failure depends on how effectively they market their shows. Social media marketing is crucial, as is maintaining your website and keeping all your listings up to date. Email marketing—cultivating lists of fans …