Vendini acquires InTicketing

Vendini and In Ticketing Join Forces

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I am extremely excited to announce that Vendini has entered into an agreement to acquire In Ticketing, a pioneer in event ticketing that will allow us to expand our reach further into the live music and festival space. In Ticketing provides top level additions to …

Vendini fantasy football

Lessons from a Fantasy Football Junkie

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The 2014 NFL Football season is quickly approaching, with the first regular season game on September 4. One of the most popular ways that people engage with the NFL season is through Fantasy Football, with an estimated 28 million participants spending 1.2 billion hours playing …

Introducing Vendini Website Manager

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As many of you know, I had the insanely great privilege of working for Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer and Apple. Steve always pushed the principle of making the complex simple in a way that you didn’t need an advanced computer science degree to figure …

In Memory: Richard Spille

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We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our good friend, and Vendini employee, Richard Spille. Richard joined the Vendini family back in 2012 as part of the Dataflow Enterprises team acquisition. Richard brought extensive knowledge and expertise to Vendini, and helped significantly shape …

Vendini Member Conference 2014

The Vendini Member Conference is Back! The 2014 Edition.

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Last August, the inaugural Vendini Member Conference took place in San Francisco, California. Thanks to our wonderful Members who came from as far as Alaska and Massachusetts, we spent two full days together learning, collaborating, and discussing the challenges organizations face putting on, promoting, and …

Vendini 50 million tickets sold

A Reason for Thanks: 50 Million Tickets

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As a company matures, it reaches many different milestones along the way. For early stage companies, these milestones come quickly. Starting with a product idea, to the first employee, to the first product launch, and then to its first glorious customer. As a company matures …