Announcing Patron Connect

Introducing Our Latest App, Patron Connect: Your Personal Day-Of-Show Assistant

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Word-of-mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing around. According to Nielsen, “84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family and friends.” Just as a negative word-of-mouth can hurt your venue, good word-of-mouth can be equally as powerful. But how can you turn a normal, single visit patron, into a multiple visit, loyal champion for your theater? And to take that one step further, how do you turn them into donors?

Last month at the Vendini Member Conference, we launched the latest app in our mobile arsenal: Patron Connect. This is the fourth app we’ve released over the past two years, and the idea is simple — a personal, day-of-show assistant to help give you details about all of your most loyal and VIP patrons.

The experiences that your loyal patrons and VIPs have at your venue is critical to moving the metaphorical needle around positive word-of-mouth reviews, and to take that one step further, donations. By providing incredible experiences through highly personalized interactions with your theater’s staff, you’re establishing connections with your patrons and ultimately cultivating future donors.

Remember that scene in the Devil Wears Prada, where Anne Hathaway was following Meryl Streep around a party giving her tips and hints on all the guests, making her seem, well… human? Or, more importantly — like an incredible host? This is essentially what we were going for with Patron Connect.

In case you haven’t seen the movie, here’s some information to give you a better idea about Patron Connect. An app built for iPad, Patron Connect pulls data from our system on your top patrons and VIPs and presents it all in a beautiful profile for each patron. The app allows users to instantly pull up detailed, yet easily digestible, profiles that include analyzed data around spending and donation habits at your theater.

But there’s more to the app than simply analyzing and presenting data on your VIPs – it serves as a platform to manage and cultivate relationships between you and those top patrons.

  • Receive notifications when top customers arrive at an event (including their seat location) in real time.
  • Collaborate with teammates to easily record and access notes and feedback and track all communication related to that patron – including emails, phone calls, frequency of contact and more.
  • Assign tasks to specific staff members and be notified when they’ve been completed.
  • Share any and all patron information across your team for those who need it, and restrict access for those who don’t.
  • Group families together and tag specific patrons based on their preferences.

View the Patron Connect live stream recording from the Vendini Member Conference where our CRO Keith Goldberg gave an excellent walk through demo of the app.

Patron Connect is part of a series of apps we’ve been releasing over the past year that are designed to help members of your staff perform specific duties – what we like to call Task Oriented Mobile Business Applications. The existing apps we offer are TicketAgent, which your box office staff uses to sell tickets, TicketScan, which they use to scan, and Walletini, which your customers use to store, access and trade their tickets.

Cultivating relationships and delivering incredible experiences is becoming paramount in our industry and is vital for the success of any live event venue. That’s why we’re creating these task oriented apps – to allow your staff to focus on what’s important for them to effectively and efficiently deliver the highest quality experience.

Learn more about Patron Connect

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