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Patron Intimacy is the New Black: 3 New Tools To Increase Patron Loyalty

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Now more than ever, it’s important to engage your patrons in a meaningful way. Not just from a transactional perspective, but from a human perspective. Your patrons are the ones that hold all the power – they’re buying the tickets, donating to your organization, telling their friends, family and colleagues about their experiences and are reviewing you online. And there’s proof that points to the fact that these reviews actually matter; positive reviews generate more money, and negative reviews can take money away.

The loyalty you build between your patrons and your venue is absolutely crucial to the success (or failure) of your venue, and is something that we here at Vendini are investing heavily in. We rolled out three new features in the Vendini system that were designed specifically to help you strengthen the bond between you and your patrons.

So, what are these new features, you ask? Let’s dive in.

Vendini Exclusive Access

This new feature allows venues to set specific sections that can be unlocked by patrons using an access code or a unique url, which can be sent to specific patrons ahead of time. This allows you to give your VIPs special treatment, by reserving special seats or sections.

Exclusive Access also gives venues the option to require a specific payment type. Leveraging this feature, you can allow patrons who hold a certain credit card type first dibs on tickets. This has the added benefit of helping key sponsors (banks, credit card companies, credit card networks) build deeper relationships with their customers while offering your venue as a member perk.

Vendini General Admission Holds

Vendini General Admission Holds allows venues to hold groupings of seats, whether that’s for VIPs, sponsors, press or large groups that need accommodation. This is particularly useful for big groups who are all looking to purchase tickets together. You can even use Vendini’s Group Sales feature to take down payments for sales and allow groups to pay by check. And, if those tickets on hold don’t get sold, you can easily release any unsold seats in advance of the event to ensure your house stays full.

Custom Thermal Ticket Templates

This new feature (currently in beta) allows members to personalize the front of their tickets, a great way to increase that personal touch of your venue. You can use this in several scenarios; getting your sponsor message out in front (adding value for them, for instance: “Downtown Brewery Company Presents, an Evening With The Banjo Brothers”), personalizing the tickets with patrons’ names or even writing a creative or inspirational message for each show. There are tons of different uses for this, and we’re super excited to see how creative our members get with this new feature.

These are all steps that we’re taking to help you get closer with your patrons and VIPs. It’s something that we’re heavily invested in, and we have more in development as we speak — so stay tuned!

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