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Even More Reason For Thanks: Our Members Now Have $1B in Gross Sales

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It’s official, we’re in the Billionaire’s Club. We just hit an incredible milestone of $1 billion in gross ticket sales through the Vendini platform! First and foremost, a huge thank you to our wonderful members for making this dream a reality because we truly could not have done this without you!

It’s been a wild ride since I first started building the Vendini software on a card table almost 15 years ago. Then and there, I made a conscious decision not to take any venture capital or outside funding. This was partially a challenge for myself to see what would become of a Silicon Valley company that took a different path. But even more so – I was intensely focused on our customers. I wanted to build an great product that would make it easier for our customers to run their business and help them increase attendance at their events.

And in 2015, this is just as important to us as it was on day one. We’re developing new products and features that are going to give venues even more ammunition for marketing, patron management, sales, revenue generation and more. We’re helping you sell more tickets than ever before, and we’re helping a broader selection of venues than ever before too.

It’s amazing to think about that growth; starting off working solely with theaters and smaller venues, and now we’re working with every type of live event venue there is: music festivals, museums, casinos, universities, concert halls, breweries and everything in between. Because of YOU, our amazing members, we’re now processing hundreds of millions of dollars every year, growing faster than ever and helping venues across the entire country sell more tickets, make more revenue and sell more tickets.

We’re at a very exciting time in the company history, where our growth is truly matching our ambition. We’re developing products that no one else has even touched yet, making the business side of live events easier and more powerful than ever. Here’s to the next billion, and the incredible journey to getting there!