INTIX 2015

Top Trends We Saw At INTIX 2015

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Another year has just begun, and with it comes a favorite tradition of mine: hitting the ground running at another INTIX conference. For those of you who are unfamiliar, INTIX is a conference where some of the best minds in the live event ticketing industry come together to talk about the latest trends and technology, learn more about those trends and tech, and get to know our peers in the industry. It’s always an inspirational conference and really is a melting pot of big ideas, great people and insight into what’s down the road for the industry. (Check out some of the pictures we got at the conference here!).

The theme of the INTIX conference this year was “Go The Extra Mile” – something we have always strived for and have created tools that allow Members go the extra mile for their patrons. The trends we’re seeing as a company are very much in line with this idea: exciting new ways to allow organizations of all sizes to not only go the extra mile for their patrons – but in doing so, sell more tickets, raise more money and increase revenue.

Here are some of the biggest trends that we’re seeing as a company, which were also prominent at the INTIX conference.

It’s All About Mobile

The mobile takeover is heating up now more than ever. Sure, passbooks and apps for holding and using tickets have been around for a few years, but we’re seeing a big shift in the way that people are selling and buying tickets – on mobile devices. These “mobile box offices” (as we like to call them) are allowing box offices to be agile, selling tickets in places they couldn’t before — especially without having to lug a computer, printer, scanner and more from one location to the next. Venues can sell and scan tickets right from a line, speeding them up while selling more tickets in less time. This is something Vendini is investing in heavily, and are creating a series of “task-oriented applications” to be released in 2015. These apps will cater to specific people with specific jobs, like development directors, promoters, or even volunteer staff.

Big Data isn’t Just for the Big Guys Anymore

“Well we’re not a big organization, so we don’t have enough data.”


Every company has data from which they can learn and leverage. And while it all might not be on the scale of a massive arena or a Broadway theater, it’s all completely relevant, usable, and actionable. Customer buying habits, success (or failure) of marketing campaigns, peak ticket purchasing windows… it’s all attainable with the right tools. And once you have that data – especially of what’s working and what isn’t – you can start to spend smart, with informed, precise decisions. Instead of having to go mine and analyze huge chunks of data – which is mainly why it was bigger venues doing this before – you will receive actionable information delivered to you from your data. The next app to be part of our solution, Patron Connect (to be released this Spring), will be doing just this: giving our members actionable and understandable information, not just a heap of numbers.

Connecting with VIPs Like Never Before

To go along with big data, an important piece of information is knowing who your customers are and data-driven information about them. Whether that’s big donors, big spenders, people who loathe being called a certain name, or families who have been coming to the theater for generations…. having even a slight leg up in knowing as much as possible about your patrons is an enormous win.

These are the three biggest trends that we’re seeing at Vendini – trends for which we are developing new tools and innovative approaches. We’re all looking forward to 2015 here at Vendini and looking forward even more to giving our patrons the tools you need to not only succeed, but thrive like never before.