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INTIX 2012 San Antonio: Reflecting Back

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Two months later, I am reflecting back on how I was able to escape the blustery weather here in Boston and head to San Antonio for INTIX.  The hot talk for 2012 was being “Mobile Smart” and “Taking Control.”

All off this settled on convenience, such as connecting social media, mobile, and ticket sales. Vendini has already made its mark in these areas, as our CEO, Mark Tacchi, attested to in his INTIX speech to a packed room.

We’ve had Facebook and Twitter integration for several years now, plus we’re blazing the trail in mobile ticketing.  For example, our software is able to detect when someone is on an iPhone, and then deliver a user experience native to that device – the software just feels right.

As you can read on our blog, we’ve been talking “mobile” for some time. Our internal data shows us that more and more people are buying tickets using smartphones (heading towards 20% of all ticket sales!), so we’ve designed more aspects of our software to provide the best experience possible for these users.

At our booth during the official cocktail hour, I brought up our recently updated applications for Apple and Android devices with a gentleman from a prominent venue in New England.  He loved how he could adjust inventory on the fly, get dashboard reports, and even scan tickets – all from a single device.

All in all, INTIX was as interesting as ever.  Whether we were dining with new friends or chatting at the Vendini booth about Mark Tacchi’s personal margarita recipe, I enjoyed connecting with both prospects and existing customers.

Our competitors were friendly too.  It’s always affirming to get a pat-on-the-back from your peers.  We were congratulated numerous times for another great year, signing over 400 new venues in 2011.

I look forward to seeing everyone next year in another warm state, Florida!