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4 Trends in Ticketing to Track in 2012

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2012 is starting off to be one of the most exciting years in ticketing to date as technology continues to evolve the fan experience and makes doing business easier and more profitable for the concert and sporting arenas and performing arts venues serving them. I’m also excited to mention Vendini will have some big announcements to make later this year around new technology that we are confident will make a huge positive impact for the ticket buying public. Around here, I’ve been thinking a lot about the trends and opportunities I see emerging in this fresh year and I’d like to share my predictions and encourage you to share your comments with me on how you think the year will shape up for the industry.

Mobile, mobile & more mobile

I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the influence mobile technology will have on ticketing in 2012 and the years that follow. Based on the growth in mobile Vendini has seen in the past year, by 2015 fifty percent of ticket sales will be mobile.
Mobile ticket sales will continue to change the face of ticketing as it allows virtual box offices to pop up anywhere and everywhere.

Cloud technology skyrockets

According to Moore’s law, technology doubles every 18 months. We probably haven’t even seen some the new cloud-based technologies we’ll be using by the end of 2012. Being on the cloud means we can make upgrades quickly, as often as we want, to all our customers and at very little cost. Obviously, the speed and flexibility that cloud-based systems offer will continue to significantly change the ticketing industry.

Customers adopt digital ticketing

I think 2012 will the year for digital ticketing to reach the tipping point. There will always be a few traditionalists who attach great sentimental value to their paper ticket stubs, but the majority of fans will be using their Smartphones instead soon. The benefits of lower costs for the venue and convenience to the customer outweigh the souvenir value of a paper ticket stub.

Social media tie-ins approach their potential

Finally in 2012, I think we’ll see social media reaching its true potential when it comes to ticketing. We know social media is there and we’ve learned how to use it. In 2012, watch for FaceBook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and others to play an important role in customer relationship management.