2011 recap

2011: A Year Worth Bragging About for Vendini

Mark Tacchi Uncategorized

2011 was definitely a good year for me and for Vendini. For one, 2011 was the year I joined Vendini. I wanted to come to an organization that had a passion for changing the world of ticketing, as we know. At Vendini we do this every day, as a team using innovative, simple and continuously brilliant technology (mobile, social, etc.). Like great companies that came before us Apple, Google, Facebook, and other well-respected Northern California companies, Vendini is a group of world-class people who want to disrupt an entire industry through innovation.

Being relatively new to the company, I wanted to share some background on myself and why I’m so proud to be part of Vendini. So far, I’ve enjoyed a pretty good career in sales increasing top line revenue growth for both start-up and Fortune 400 organizations. I’ve grown other companies from $45 million to $350 million, from 40 sales people to over 300, from 6 markets to the top 30 in the U.S.

That’s the kind of potential I see for Vendini and we’re certainly realizing it. In 2011, we signed a new venue every day. That’s something you don’t hear of in this industry. During a two-week period in December, we added 8 new venues per day. At this pace, we will be adding over 500 new members in 2012, significantly outpacing the industry.

Vendini is emerging as a leader in the industry. We are the fastest growing company with the largest sales force. Vendini is truly a national player with a physical presence in all major ticketing cities: San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and soon to be in New York and Las Vegas.

Just a few more things that set us apart from the industry and will allow us to take market share while other companies may falter:

  • 10 years in business, 1500+ venues
  • Top Silicon Valley engineers and management team
  • A series of scalable business processes
  • Innovative technology including Mobile and Social applications
  • A strong financial position, self funded and highly profitable

We are a technology firm in the ticketing industry and we’ve become the top cloud based ticketing company. We dominate in Performing Arts and are growing every day in Concerts, Festivals, Sports, and other events.

It is these drivers and our momentum that give me the confidence that Vendini will be one of the few companies that emerge from the “Primordial Ticketing Swamp.” Of the hundreds of companies in the ticketing business today, only the strong will survive — and Vendini will be on top.