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Member Spotlight: Firehouse Theatre

Leveraging Their Brand to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Their story The Firehouse Theatre is a non-profit community theatre in Farmers Branch, Texas, that produces plays, musicals, and children’s programming. The organization’s name comes from its venue: the 161-seat theatre is housed within a historic fire station. Their goal With several playhouses in the …


Member Spotlight: Musical Theater Heritage

Using Styles to Get a Consistent Look

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Their story Musical Theater Heritage (MTH) is a professional theater company in Kansas City, Mo., that produces musicals, cabarets, and original revues. They’re growing quickly, from approximately 16,000 patrons a few years ago to more than 40,000 patrons in 2018. The non-profit organization employs seven …

It’s a Hard Knock Life in Live Event Management

How to get past common pain points

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As a theater owner or live event manager, you probably find yourself often wondering ‘What’s going to be thrown at me next?’. Anyone in the entertainment business has wondered the same thing, and knows the struggle of missing out on the parts of their job …