Vendini announces launch of Sales Spotlight mobile app for live events; supports iOS, Androids

Vendini Launches Sales Spotlight Mobile App for Live Event Promoters and Organizers

Mark Tacchi News

Last week, we unveiled the new Sales Spotlight mobile app for live event promoters and organizers, which is now available for both Android and iOS. The mobile app equips our Vendini Members with instant sales data and inventory snapshots that they can act on in real time, helping to drive revenue and increase attendance for each event.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the most crucial times to check sales and inventory are often after-hours and before the doors open—when staff is away from their desks. And this sales and inventory data is important not only to venue staff, but also to many external parties, such as board members or artist managers. In fact, the idea for Sales Spotlight dawned on me as I sat with a friend at dinner as he frantically tried to check the ticket inventory for the number of venues he manages. He had to call one of his employees to run the report and send it. Then he spent a good amount of time working to alter the view so that the data was legible on his phone. It was painstaking to see this process cause so much anxiety, when my friend should have been able to take a minute to assure himself that the event was full and fans were about to enjoy their experience.

Vendini has been making the business of live events simple for the last 15 years and we are continuing to introduce new technology, expanding the capabilities of our all-in-one solution for live events. We created Sales Spotlight in order to make the mobile reporting process easy and effective for all of our members.

With Sales Spotlight, our members can take a quick glance at their mobile phone in order to view real-time sales metrics. As evident by my friend at the dinner table, this a vital tool for people managing multiple events or venues and for those who might not be able to be on-site for every performance. The mobile dashboard features multiple snapshots of present sales trends for an entire run of an event or for an individual event date, highlighting inventory status and total sales by ticket type. This snapshot means that decision makers can pinpoint if sales for a particular event are lagging and leverage the metrics to make intelligent, fact-based marketing decisions to steer sales performance and drive event attendance. Producing a live event is hard enough, but by using the live data to execute targeted marketing efforts through social media or email blasts, you can ensure that the house is always full.

“With Sales Spotlight, it’s easy for me to check the app from my phone to quickly get detailed information about our shows and ticket sales when I’m not at the theater.”Peter Martin, owner of the Triad Theatre

One of our Members since 2014, the Triad Theatre has already started using Sales Spotlight. Located on New York’s Upper West Side, the Triad Theatre is a performance venue that features a rotating schedule of Off-Broadway shows, live music, movie screenings and comedy performances in an environment reminiscent of the classic movie palaces of the 1930s.

“Vendini offers us great service, personal attention and excellent technology at a fair price,” said Peter Martin, owner of the Triad Theatre. “With Sales Spotlight it’s easy for me to check the app from my phone to quickly get detailed information about our shows and ticket sales when I’m not at the theater.”

Access to insights on the Sales Spotlight app can be given to internal or external stakeholders with limited Vendini account permissions. This is heaven-sent for promoters or executive directors who want to share inventory updates with multiple parties, but also want to limit the ability for those viewers to make alterations in the box office.

Users can detect trends with the app’s simple dashboard interface, which provides comprehensive data at a glance, including:

  • Total sales of current and past shows, which can be sorted by day, week or month
  • Total sales broken down by ticket type and price point (senior, adult, child, etc.)
  • Current inventory of tickets displayed by quantity, percentage sold and price point

We invite our Members to download the app today; it’s free and is available on iTunes and Google Play. Want Sales Spotlight? Learn more about Vendini’s mobile apps, which are included with our all-in-one solution for live events.