Unique event companies you might not know about

8 Unique Events Companies You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Think about the last ticket you bought. It’s likely you went to the movies, a concert or a play, right? We love the arts and live music—it’s our bread and butter. But there’s also another world of events that audiences enjoy and buy tickets for. These unique events companies provide experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. For instance, there’s the Mark Twain Museum that transforms the writer’s once humble estate into a giant game of “Clue”. Or, We Players in San Francisco, where lovers of live theater move with the actors to parks, beaches, and even Alcatraz to witness the tragedy of Hamlet unfold.

There are many examples of the Vendini ticketing family. We like to believe that our service has no borders, and welcomes just about anyone looking to produce unique events for their fans. Below is a small sample of some of our wonderful, unique members.

Voss Events

Voss Events unique Vendini Member

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” hosts the “Battle of the Runway” where queens flaunt what they got.

Photo by Jeff Eason

Voss Events specializes in creating promotional events for giants in the arts and entertainment industry. Their legendary parties are spectacles that blur the line between fantasy and reality. For the release of Lady Gaga’s third studio album, Artpop, Voss invited 3,000 lucky attendees to a Brooklyn warehouse to experience the record live in its entirety—with Ms. Gaga in attendance.

Voss Events Artpop party with Lady Gaga

Voss Events and Lady Gaga delivered the party of the year in NYC.

Voss has had a hand in making the show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” the successful program it is today. For seven years now, they have produced 62 unique events full of fabulous, elaborate set pieces and incredible costumes. Voss Events have also thrown huge parties for Cher and Icona Pop’s new releases.

RK Smith Productions

RK Smith Productions vendini member

Photo courtesy of RK Smith Productions

RK Smith Productions is the team behind the annual NPC Pacific Coast Championships. In case you’re not familiar with this particular sporting event, let me give you a few hints. The stakes are high, the posedowns are intense and the tans are as deep as polished mahogany. That’s right—RK Smith Productions host the leading competitive bodybuilding events in Oregon.

At RK Smith events, the athletes are champions of the human physique. Chiseled men and women emerge on stage with bulging biceps, tree trunk thighs and washboard abs so ripped they actually make a sound when flexed. Make no mistake—these are truly great athletes and the work that these men and women put in is on par with any Olympic hopeful. According to Susan Smith, Co-Founder of RK Smith Productions, their events are also inspirational, “Competitions showcase positive transformation in people’s lives, whether it’s losing weight, getting healthy, or achieving impressive fitness goals.”

You need championship-sized muscles to pull off this look.

LM&M Railroad

LMM railroad vendini member

Photo by Brian Sellers

For an afternoon ride on the historic trains that call Lebanon, OH home, families are taking the historic Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad (LM&M for short). Your ticket takes you into a time where passenger trains journeyed across the nation. Apart from the year-round service, LM&M’s trains roll out seasonal themes that include a North Pole Express, Easter Bunny Express, Fall Flyer, and Day Out with Thomas.

With over 16 miles of undisturbed track, you can travel to Lebanon, Mason, and Monroe. General Manager Will Gawin is an expert in the various trains that run across Lebanon, “CRC 55 is the oldest GP7 model locomotive in continuous operation. Number 55 has traveled over 2.5 million miles under different four owners. That is the equivalent distance of five round trips to and from the moon!”

For those without little ones, LM&M is stocking up on pizza, beer and wine tastings later this year. With the help of Vendini’s all-in-one service, LM&M was able to share the magic of trains with others, “We would be unable to manage our growing operation without a service like Vendini. Most of our trains now sell-out weeks in advance.”


Igloofest DJ Shiba San performance 2017

Montreal’s beloved electronic music festival takes place in freezing conditions over four weekends in the dead of winter. The concept of Igloofest was born out of Piknic Électronik, a summer festival in Montreal. The team behind Piknic got the idea of hosting a twin event in the winter. Co-founder Nicolas Cournoyer explains, “We thought, could we make it during winter time? At first it was a silly idea, we all laughed and said, ‘why not?’” Eleven years later, Igloofest is still one of Canada’s hottest (and coldest) festivals. This year’s lineup included a sea of musicians including Bonobo, Mr. Oizo and Maceo Plex. Nicolas Vincent, head of ticketing for Igloofest, described the festival’s friendly, community vibe by saying, “No matter the DJ playing, people come for the experience.”

Montreal’s Igloofest: don’t forget to bring your coat.

Quiet Events

Quiet Events Vendini member

Photo courtesy of Quiet Events

Quiet Events takes the concept of what you’d expect in a club, and then flips it to create an entirely new experience. Instead of going to one club with just one DJ (who may or may not be spinning tunes you’re feeling), at Quiet Events you have the choice of three DJs at any given time. Here’s how it works: you’re given wireless headphones with an adjustable volume that glows green, red or blue depending on which DJ you choose. These colors are defined by various genres ranging from House to Top 40 to Hip Hop and more. Eventually, a DJ battle ensues to see which color reigns supreme.

The entire concept cuts out any conversations drowned out by the music. Quiet Events Founder William Petz tells us that, “more people ‘hook up’ at our parties because it’s more social than going to a normal club. Take the headphones off and you can talk to someone without screaming to be heard.” One of the other unexpected things about Quiet Events is that people end up singing their hearts out, out loud, because nobody can hear them sing. Petz calls it the “shower mentality.” “People sing, dance and let themselves go as if they were singing in the shower and no one was watching.”

We Players

We Players Vendini member

Photo by Loe Matley

Founded in 2000, We Players is best known for one-of-a-kind site-integrated performances and their unique partnership with the National Park Service. We Players takes their audience outside the theater and immerses guests in rich, multi-sensory environments for an immersive theater experience. A simple, humble public area is transformed into the tense epic of Hamlet on Alcatraz or a heartbreaking scene out of Romeo and Juliet in the Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park.

Their mission is to help viewers “engage with history and the environment, build community, and activate personal relationships with place.” Sure enough, when you’re taken on a tragic journey of Ondine at the historic Sutro Baths in San Francisco, your entire being is engaged as you watch the performance, feel the chill of the wind, inhale the smell the ocean and take in the birds flying overhead.

Mark Twain House and Museum

Mark Twain House and Museum Vendini member

Enter the home of America’s most treasured humorist, Mark Twain. The man behind the classics “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Adventures Tom Sawyer” created the characters within this Victorian mansion. Visitors have a wide range of tours that breathe the writer’s life into existence once more with an uncanny historical accuracy. In addition to the regular house tour, led by a highly trained and knowledgeable guide, you can choose a “Living History” tour led by a costumed guide portraying a member of Mark Twain’s family or household staff, all while in-character. For those chasing a thrill, Graveyard Shift ghost tours are offered. Looking for a good mystery? The Twain house is also transformed into a giant game of “Clue” in which for visitors enjoy solving a “murder mystery.” It’s really no mystery why National Geographic once praised the historical site for being “one of the ten best historic homes in the world.”

Is Mark Twain’s house really haunted? Probably not. But it’s fun to visit anyway.

San Francisco City Football Club

San Francisco City Football Vendini member

Finally, a place where I can scream “gooooal” without my neighbors bugging me.

Photo by Joan Bowlen

In San Francisco, we have our beloved baseball and football teams, so it was time for a soccer team to represent the city and its people. The San Francisco City Football Club was founded in 2001 and is a part of the Premier Development League. It’s a supporter-owned soccer club with ownership split between its members and investors. The former’s profits are funneled back to various programs designed to improve the city’s citizens through volunteer programs. You can catch San Francisco City FC at their Home Stadium at USF’s Negoesco Stadium.

Now that you’ve seen just a taste of who we work with, get yourself educated on our wonderful platform. Join our unique Vendini family today.