5 ways live data can jumpstart your festival

5 Ways Live Data Can Jumpstart Your Festival

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Bonnaroo. Coachella. Burning Man. All of the best-known festivals use it.

I’m talking about data. Your data is like a crystal ball. Ask questions and data can provide the answers. Which marketing platforms are my patrons most engaged on? How do I keep them coming back? What pricing is most effective?

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With access to live data, you get a real-time snapshot of how your audience is engaging with your brand. You get insights you can use to make real-time changes during the event or leading up to it. Here are some tips for using live data to make your festival more successful. They include how to use data to optimize the audience experience, increase operational efficiency and make proactive decisions.

Marketing Strategies for Live Music Events

Surveys and email reports: Don’t wait until after an event to look at your data. By the time you get a sense of what worked, it’s too late. Live data can make a difference. The easiest way to collect it is through surveys or email marketing reports. Experiment with different approaches to see what works best for you and your patrons when collecting data. Also, consider using a tool like Google analytics for conversion tracking. This will give you insights into how people are getting to your website and help you determine strategic approaches.

A/B testing: This is another important tool for marketing experimentation that will allow you to optimize your efforts and better understand how to position your ads. It’s also easy to implement with Facebook or Google ads. For example, when doing an A/B test you could use two images in an ad to see which one performs better. One could have an image of the artist and the other could have an image of your venue. You could see which image is doing better and put most of your ad spend behind the ad that is performing best. This is a great way to use data to maximize what you’re doing in real-time and optimize your advertising.

Pricing Strategy

Another way you can use live data to get actionable strategy insights is pricing. You never want to overprice or underprice your tickets. Overpriced tickets might only attract an affluent audience. Underpriced tickets devalue your event and leave money on the table. The perfect price mix balances maximum ticket sales against maximum revenue and helps you attract a diverse audience. Dynamic pricing gives you the flexibility to offer different ticket prices for different types of patrons.

Price points can vary based on the day and time of the week. With dynamic pricing you can limit discount options — like special student prices on popular nights — and subdivide seating options. With Vendini, you can see what’s underselling and also monitor what is selling really well and compare them to your targets. Based on this data, you can adjust your pricing and add premium pricing options for a specific performance. You can also adjust the price of the entire performance or certain seats or sections.

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Patron Loyalty

Converting a first-time patron into a regular, loyal customer is no easy task. It’s not uncommon to have first-time patrons who come to an event and never return to future performances or to have people come every season who are not regular subscribers. You can use live data to convert these patrons. By collecting information from individuals and big groups you can continue to keep the lines of communication open and establish relationships. Live data helps you to better hone your marketing efforts and offer incentives like special discounts on upcoming shows to lure patrons into coming back.

Relationship Management with Live Music Events

Everyone wants to feel special, but it can be hard to give your patrons individual attention when you have thousands of people attending a festival. A great way to manage this is by using a notification system that will alert you when VIPs or any patrons you put into a special category arrive. If you’re using Vendini, you’ll see their photo in the mobile app and their history with your festival. You’ll know if they have any special needs. You’ll see how long they’ve been patrons. Are they single or married? Do they have children? Are they associated with a company or other group? Insights like these help you form meaningful and long-term patron relationships.

Future Sponsorship

More and more companies are shifting from sponsoring events in favor of more intimate and owned spaces where they can get in touch with prospects and existing customers. You may have noticed the words ‘on tour’ and ‘roadshow’ popping up more frequently. Having real patron data to provide to potential sponsors is a great way to enhance your value and secure future sponsorships.

These are just a few of the ways using live data can help take your music festival to the next level. When you’re armed with the right patron data, you can turn insights into actions that sell tickets, build relationships for future revenue, and enhance the experience of your patrons.

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