Vendini's 2016 Holiday Music Playlist - Christmas (and Hanukkah) Jams

Vendini’s 2016 Holiday Music Playlist

Vendini Music

Once upon a time, there was a jolly old fat man with a big, bushy beard who travelled the world spreading joy and delivering gifts from his giant sack. His name was Jerry Garcia and sadly he passed away in 1995. But the great lesson from his life stands eternal, which is that nothing brings people together the way that music does.

Jerry Garcia as Santa Claus

If he offers you a Christmas cookie, you might want to ask him what’s in it first.

This is especially true for holiday music, because it’s the only genre that includes every genre. This musical style is the only one where artists as diverse as Nat King Cole, Run DMC and The Pogues are all neck-and-neck for who recorded the best song for the season. In the spirit of celebrating that beautiful paradox of togetherness and diversity, the gang here got together to make you a little gift for the holidays. We hope you enjoy our first annual Vendini Holiday Playlist. It’s an eclectic mix of holiday classics, deep cuts and left-of-center Christmas (and Hanukkah) jams to help keep your spirits bright this season. Whether you love show tunes, classic soul or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Before you go, I’d like to extend a warm “thank you” from all of us at Vendini to our friends in the performing arts and entertainment world. Every day of the year you work hard to bring audiences the gift of entertainment. It’s not always an easy job nor is it always glamorous. Even if the audiences don’t know how hard it is to put on a show, we sure do. So, let us raise a glass to all of the lighting techs, audio engineers, box office staff, talent buyers and everyone else who works so hard behind the scenes. From everyone here at Vendini we wish you peace, love and entertainment.

The Vendini Team wishing you peace, love and entertainment